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Picture This Car provides comprehensive photo documentation of vehicles for both private individuals and businesses. We quite simply take well framed quality images. It's what we do and we do it well. We then post those images on our website for a pre-determined period of time so that they can be used in advertising or shared with friends and family. Some of our programs include video and a permanent photo record on CD

Picture This Car for individuals, clubs, businesses

Photo documentation consists of a sufficient number of images of any given vehicle to convey detail and value. The number of images may be as few as 20 for a FSBO advertising campaign, an individual's personal use or Insurance records, 50 +/- for a classic Collector vehicle or as high as 100+ for a Classic Car restoration.

Auto Dealers can use Picture This Car's service to have a professional quality photo walk around tour of each vehicle in inventory to increase advertising response and sales. Use the links to your vehicle on our site in other forms of advertising. You are no longer restricted to a handful of pictures. Please contact us for more information or to schedule your vehicle's photo shoot.

Why use Picture This Car?

Passion and experience! For over a decade, David Dickinson has been taking great pictures of great cars and proven the old adage that "A picture speaks a thousand words." Whether your goal is to sell faster and for top dollar or to simply have a true representation of your classic or family vehicle for insurance purposes, Picture This Car will provide quality photo documentation for that permanent record or to share with family and friends on our website or on CD.


Use PictureThisCar.com automotive photography for individuals,  car clubs, car shows, insurance, restoration, sales and moreDavid Dickinson at Picture This Car :
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Picture This Car - "because a picture speaks a thousand words"

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